M22X1.5 threads

33mm hex

27mm height and a 46mm washer diameter.


Protect your commercial fleet from wheel installation related incidents with the new HYTORC GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut. The GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut is an instant upgrade for all heavy-duty truck and trailer hub piloted wheels. The patent pending GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut eliminates the influence of side loads and provides a pinch point free reaction component for applied torque. The GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut allows for controlled and safe torqueing with convenient cordless tooling systems. Call to request a demonstration of HYTORC cordless tooling system in conjunction with the GRIP-TIGHT™ Nut.


For Estimated Annual Usages greater than 25,000pcs,  please inquire with HYTORC directly.